Jeff Johnston

Jeff Johnson is a born and raised Georgia man who has been shooting both recreationally and for hunting since a young age. He currently competes in any competition that he can and creates educational shooting videos to put out on the internet and educate young shooters. In 2010 Jeff took a multitude of defensive pistol training classes and began his career as a competitive shooter with IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) and continued to compete with them for the next three years. In 2013 he discovered 3 Gun Nation and USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) and began competing almost immediately in local, state, regional, and national competitions with the organizations. In 2015 he completed construction on his private shooting practice range and for the past few years he has been using that to improve his skills and perfect his marksmanship. 

In the last year, alongside Kaiser US Jeff Johnson has competed in a multitude of competitions with his Kaiser Monarch. Below is a list of his recent competitions and placements.

  • March 2017 – Atlanta Practical Shooters USPSA – 1st Place PCC and Overall Match Win
  • March 2017 – Atlanta 3-Gun – 1st Place Unlimited Decision and Overall Match Win
  • April 2017 – Atlanta Practical Shooters – 1st Place PCC and Overall Match Win
  • April 2017 – Griffin Gun Club – 1st Place PCC and 2nd Overall
  • June 2017 – 3-Gun South Regional Alabama – 5th in Division
  • June 2017 – Atlanta 3-Gun – 1st in Division and 5th Overall
  • July 2017 – Atlanta 3-Gun – 1st in Division and 5th Overall
  • August 2017 – Atlanta Practical Shooters USPSA – 3rd Place PCC and 6th Overall, 4th in Open and 11th Overall
  • August 2017 – USPSA Griffin Gun Club – 1st in PCC and 1st in Open Division
  • October 2017 – Atlanta Practical Shooters – 3rd Overall and 1st PCC – 2 Divisions in USPSA –  1st Place PCC and 10th Place Open Division
  • November 2017 – GA State USPSA Championship Match – clean, error free, no penalties or misses, 5th A Class in PCC and top 25% Overall
  • November 2017 – 3-Gun Nation National Championship – 2nd Place Unlimited Pistol Carbine Division
  • December 2017 – Atlanta 3-Gun – Division Win and 2nd Place Overall


If all of these stats weren’t impressive enough, Jeff Johnson is currently ranked as a semi pro for 3-Gun Nation. But if you ask him he will say that he couldn’t do it without his favorite gun, the Kaiser Monarch.

The lightest gun that Kaiser has out so far, the Monarch stands at 4.3 lbs unloaded. However that doesn’t change the performance one bit, the Monarch is just as sturdy as the rest of Kaiser’s weapons, needing zero lubrication and very minimal cleaning. It features a titanium BCG coated in NP3 that fits perfectly in the polymer upper and lower receivers eliminating the need for cleaning and a forward assist. The upper and lower receivers are made of the same proprietary polymer blend as Kaiser’s other rifles featuring long and short glass strands at the high impact areas and anodized 7071-T6 A1 inserts around the fire control group, takedown pins, and buffer tube.

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