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About Kaiser US – Founded in 2005, Kaiser Shooting Products (KSP) is the manufacture of the Kaiser US lightweight composite X-7 upper and lower AR receiver set and a number of advanced firearms systems and parts. Known for innovation, Kaiser US products are a favorite of law enforcement professionals, competition shooters, and military members and offer several models of fully assembled custom weapon systems that meet Mil-Spec standards. Kaiser US is a Federally licensed firearms manufacturer and dealer with offices in Tucson, and Phoenix Arizona.

For wholesale component sales, LEO or Government purchase inquiries or to learn more about our department trade-in program please call us at (520) 561-8227

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About The Founder

KaiserUS was founded by Mike and Veronica Bietsch. Mike Bietsch graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in mechanical engineering and was hired soon after graduation as a tooling engineer. As a tooling engineer, Mike worked on designing and building polymer injection molds for underwater meters that needed to withstand extreme pressures.

It was Mike’s job to understand how high pressures act upon different polymers. Using a proprietary blend of materials with impact modifiers Mike set out to create alternate applications using the plastics that performed best in meters. As a firearms enthusiast Mike decided to construct and test a custom polymer design for the upper and lower receivers of an AR-15 that could withstand wear and tear better, be lighter, and be safer than aluminum designs.

Kaiser was born as a small boutique manufacturer that produces some of the best quality custom weapons on the market. The company and its products have been featured in a number of national trade publications:

KaiserUS sponsors several competitive shooters including Jeff Johnston, a nationally ranked 3-Gun Competition shooter, Maci Jacobs, a 12 year old competitive shooter and is endorsed by U.S. Veteran Navy SEAL underwater delivery teams operator Jimmy “Texas Tornado” Watson. Learn More about the Kaiser US Squad Here