Jimmy “Texas Tornado” Watson

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As an underwater delivery SEAL, Jimmy often worked out of a vehicle known as the SEAL Delivery Vehicle. These SDVs can transport 6-8 SEALs at a time and are small free-flooding submersibles that are used during operations that need to be kept quiet. These submersibles may be used for a variety of missions and can be controlled remotely or by the diver themselves. In this way, the submersible can be used to get the Navy SEALs to a predetermined location and then either loiter, waiting for the SEALs to finish the mission, go to an entirely different location for pickup, or replenish supplies during their mission.

Image of SEALs in Saltwater Environment, weapons bags are used to protect metal

To avoid detection, the SDVs will often be put together in a submarine a significant distance from the target location and be deployed underwater, SEALs onboard. The SEALs will then sit in the SDV, in the dark and freezing cold water, in complete silence for sometimes 8-10 hours at a time. However, as unpleasant as this sounds, this is often preferable to the alternative; if the SEALs have to free swim long distances, often they will have trouble finding oxygen tanks with enough compressed air to sustain the long dives and not to mention the fatigue and exhaustion the SEAL will have to deal with once they get to the target location, the mission not even having begun yet.

High Seas Sidearm – Saltwater, No Problem

You wouldn’t dare expose your standard rifle or pistol to water. When metal is exposed to water, especially salt water, it will corrode and begin to rust almost immediately. Even with waterproof bags firearms in open seas environments will inevitably come in contact with saltwater and once the carrier group and barrel begin rusting salt water can quickly render a firearm useless.

The Amphibian is a completely corrosion proof and 100% reliable in saltwater environments. Just like all of the other Kaiser US rifles, it is made with injection molded polymer upper and lower receivers with impact modifiers of long and short strand glass fibers at high stress points. And while the Amphibian is extraordinarily durable and impervious to water, solvents, heat, and cold it still sports Kaiser’s signature lightweight features. With such low coefficients of friction in the design of the rifle, titanium bolt carrier and stainless steel barrel. The Amphibian is built for operations in the most extreme environments and can safely sustain long term contact with little maintenance.

Custom NP3 Plus Saltwater Resistant All Weather Amphibian

.300 AAC or 5.56

MSRP: $3795

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